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Anticipation Guide Question Answers

Anticipation Guide Question Answers

1.) Sometimes murder is a necessary evil.
-I agree with this statement. I am in agreement with this statement because to me it seems if two countries or groups are at war and one of the countries or groups is in the wrong and will try to kill people for something of less value then life. For example, currently the United States of America is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting the terrorist groups there. The only way for the states to win the war is to stop or suppress the terrorist groups by killing them because the terrorist will stop at nothing to cause terror in the United States and other countries they do not like or that have “wronged” them. Furthermore, I agree with this statement because certain types of people like serial killers and psychos have a certain mind-set, that probably was exposed to them in their childhood years, that they cannot change and all they want to do and all they think about is killing or breaking the law and the only way to keep the innocent safe is by disposing or killing these individuals.

2.) If the court system fails, then society should take the law into its own hands.
-I agree that if the court system fails then society should take law into its own hands. I agree with this statement because I feel that if society helps to make the laws then society should choose whether or not that person is guilty that is being judged by the court system. For example, if a rapist gets away with rape because of a corrupt court system then society should be able to make this person go to jail or be killed because the court failed to follow the rules that were set in place. To continue, I think that nowadays there are more corrupt court systems then non corrupt court systems and that there should always be a jury in the court no matter what the accusation or crime. Also, there have been several occasions around the world where people have taken the law into their own hands even when the court system wasn’t involved yet. Most of these cases have happened overseas and regarding child molesters. Furthermore, society would be brought together and people would be able to agree with one another more if the law was taken into society’s hands. This is why we have volunteer firefighters and volunteer police men in the United States today.

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Name: Guy Montag

Age: 34

Relationship Status: Married

Job Status: Unemployed recently quit.

Interests: Clarisse, Books people with opinions and life.

Boss, Job, Killing people, Mechanical hounds, Firemen, The Police.

Kids: None
Religion: My Jesus is a movie star.

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Mr. White, English
Grade 9
Logan Pittman

Do you agree or disagree?
1.) Do you thing everyone should read books?

- I do not think that everyone should be forced to read books, but I think it would be a good idea. Yes for several reasons. First off, it can help you learn about a place you could be moving to g before you got here. Lastly, it could help you learn how to do something like learn a language. Furthermore I think that books are a good way to obtain knowledge about the world and other peoples’ view of the world.

2.) Censorship can be a good thing?

-In my opinion some censorship can be a good thing. I think this way because it helps to keep people from committing crimes and helps not only governments but also helps the person being censored from getting into trouble. Also censorship is kind of a way of mentorship which helps the person being mentored learn. Furthermore when the government of the country censors something because it is secret and important, maybe even secret to that country.

3.) Literature can be dangerous?

-In my opinion literature can be dangerous if a person takes it too seriously and if it mentally or damages that person or causes that person to bring harm to other people. Furthermore, literature can damage a person or many persons by telling lies about them or project a bad image on those people as the news sometimes does.

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